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Meter counter

A. Mechanical Meter Counter

It consist of mechanical support, upper&down double wheel, Mechanical five digital meter counter device etc.

1. Type: double wheel(vertical)

2. Counting length: 9999m

3. Wheel perimeter: 500mm

4. Accuracy: 0.2%

5. Material: Al. alloy circle

6. Counting type: Through five digital mechanical meter counter device .

7. Upper wheel:connect with five digital mechanical meter counter device

8. Inlet and outlet with U type guide roller,with regress button.


B. Belt Type Meter Counter


1. Wire /cable dia. range: Max ∮60mm.

2. Accumulated error: ≤3‰.

3. Preset length range: 1~9999m.

4. Counting lenth rang: 1~9999m.

5. Adopt Siemens S7-200 PLC &7inch touch screen, meter length displayed, reversal can realize reduction of the meter.


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