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HGSB-16D/F Thin wire high speed braiding machine



Thin wire high speed braiding machine specialised in braiding of φ0.03mm-φ0.05mm copper.

Braiding Method 2 stack 2
Knitting direction Vertical
Number of Spindles 16-spindle(8 Upper Spindles, 8 Lower Spindles)
Spindles Size Φ55×φ38×φ40
Spindle Speed 0-120RPM
Pitch Range 3.2-32.5mm
Max. Braiding Diameter 6mm
Maximum production speed 234m/h
Host (frequency electrical) power / speed 1.5KW
Available wire coil outer diameter ≤500mm
Braided wire diameter φ0.03-0.08
Overall Dimensions 1100mm×1400mm×1800mm


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